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Mike Hail

On March 23, 2010, then-U.S. president Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. At the time, nearly 50 million people had no health insurance.

As of 2023, roughly 40 million individuals now benefit from ACA-related enrollment in health care programs such as Medicaid or purchased from the Marketplace.

Surveys show that while the share of uninsured has decreased, instead there is an increase of those who are insured but effectively underinsured because their out-of-pocket health costs are still too high and unaffordable compared to their income.

Reducing high cost-sharing and deductibles remains a focus and opportunity.

How do you reach the under 65 audience that will buy from you?


            Consumers turning 26:   as they no longer enjoy coverage under their parent’s plan.

            Movers into your geography: like those turning 26 these consumers qualify for special enrollment as they have moved to a new plan required area.

For the young adults, you can target “living at home with parents or living on their own”.  While the movers can be targeted by moved into a new county or state.

Use their propensity to accept or decline coverage.  

DDG creates  propensity scores based on survey responses to specific action questions.  There are a wide range of questions to enable you to use the most discriminating model for your plans.

            Select these filters*

                        Uninsured for Health

                        Self- pay health premiums

                        Healthcare insurance switchers

            Omit or suppress these filters*

                        Employer provided healthcare

                        Work for a small firm providing healthcare

                        Health insurance from labor union

                        Medicaid qualified household

                        Maybe ACA exchange buyer

The careful use of selection and omission produces the best results.   Of course, you may succeed just using the Switchers if you have any plan advantage to tout.

Data preparation       

Apply industry standard data hygiene to prep* your first party and third-party data to ensure the correct data association to avoid duplicates, apply current member suppression, increase deliverability.  Healthcare firms who ignore this critical methodology will suffer lower response rates and more consumer dissatisfaction.

*At DDG, we offer Decisionpoints for your healthcare third party data resource and we utilize fetchcx for data prep to achieve the optimal outcome.

Contact us today for the details of these services and their historical outcomes.

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