Market Research

New Product Development Research

Identify the right products to take to market

Concept screening research to definitively narrow down a large list of potential new products

Discrete choice modeling & conjoint analysis to measure the tradeoffs consumers will make between product features and price, enabling you to configure your products to maximize consumer adoption and profitability

Market Research

Enable Marketing

Advanced analytics and the data marketplace produce scored audiences for acquisition, cross-sell, churn, or reactivation

Get the price right

Pricing research to develop your go-to-market price points considering planned advertising spend and the competitive landscape

Discrete Choice Modeling

To empirically determine the right go-to-market price for your products based on their features, appeal, and competitive landscape. There’s not often a one-size-fits-all approach, as different groups of consumers have different needs for many products. DCM segments these consumers into separate groups based on the factors that drove their choices.

Experimental Monadic Design

We recommend an experimental monadic design methodology to test price points side by side to estimate adoption at different levels. “Monadic” means that each respondent is asked to react to one of the single price options, indicating their likelihood to purchase and answering questions about the factors in their choice. These results are then compared across the different options to find the best price based on goals like market share or profitability.

Audience Definition

Market segmentation studies depict your current buyers by their unique characteristics and display the non customers who could be your client if you acknowledged their unique needs.

Target the perfect audience…

By Market

Custom market segmentation research to identify and target high-value consumer groups who want, need, and will pay for your new product

By Name

Applied modeling to append propensity scores for your products to our national database of adult consumers

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