Reach is DDG’s audience-targeting support tool for FMOs supporting the senior market

Customer acquisition models

Same-day turnaround. Reach provides a complete visualization of each discriminating and major descriptor variable, no black box modeling here.

  • Immediate insight to target the best audience for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Final Expense Insurance, and more
  • Same-day ability to quantify and project the size of the prospective audience
  • Delivery of specific names and addresses of individuals in your target audience to your preferred mail supplier
Customer Acquisition

Models that apply to the single county where your agent works

Stop using one size fits all; is rural America the same as New York City?
Reduce the model error by addressing only your county’s sample, not a national sample that severely dilutes or totally ignores the unique attributes of your county

Identify Your Target Audience

Model Types

The look-alike model is the method for those FMOs who only have access to policyholder or member files.

Reach creates a look-alike audience based on the variables most discriminating between your policyholders and the rest of the market. Additionally, Reach is a great audience profile descriptive tool for your creative team to develop meaningful, relevant advertising copy specific to your target audience.

A response model predicts the outcome of a campaign by ingesting both the mail campaign file and the responder/buyer file.

The response model helps you optimize your direct marketing budget by providing a purchase likelihood propensity score for each individual senior in your target market. You’ll save a lot of money when you stop wasting mail costs on consumers who will never buy.


How it works:

Most importantly, DDG is SOC 2 Type 2 Certified. This means your clients’ customer personal data is safe with us.


Secondly, Reach is a managed service. You are not on your own…we manage the entire modeling process for you.


We suppress any records that are currently identified as “deceased.”


We assure that the name and address file you send is formatted to allow fast and efficient processing.


Your file is then run through the USPS CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) program to make sure the addresses conform to USPS standards.


We run the file through the National Change of Address system so that the audience you’re targeting is still in the geography you intend.


The personal identifying information on the file is deleted and the records are anonymized through a process called “pinning.”

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