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fetchcx® services are comprised of a team of experts and a fully managed system that provides a foundational, low-friction first step in progressively improving the quality of raw data. The services and system are deployed in the client’s cloud, and client data is not required to leave the environment. fetchcx® is intentionally designed to substantially reduce the time it takes for an enterprise to build and maintain its data by automatically taking care of important and difficult data preparation steps. While data is traveling through the fetchcx system, data corrections, data standardization, offline ID assignment, suppression flagging, and data enhancement all occur in one seamless step. The fetchcx patent-pending ID assignment process for enabling downstream data association and multi-level ID resolution is customizable, unique, and private by design.


fetchcx® embraces the
Lakehouse methodologies.

Data Architecture

Born in 2020, a Lakehouse is a new, open data architecture that combines the best features of data lakes and data warehouses. It is enabled by a modern system design where data structures and data management features of data warehouses are implemented directly on top of low-cost cloud storage in open formats. A Lakehouse is what you would get if you had to redesign data warehouses in the modern world, now that cheap and highly reliable cloud storage is available.

The Lakehouse approach uses a specific pattern for building a central, reliable, and efficient source of truth for enterprise use cases, including marketing, business intelligence, and data science. This pattern, also known as a “medallion architecture,” defines how to logically organize data in a Lakehouse with the goal of incrementally and progressively improving the quality and usability of data as it flows through each layer (from bronze -> silver -> gold).

Data Architecture

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