What is the DoubleDecker™ omnibus survey?

Each month, we administer a single questionnaire to a large random sample of U.S. consumers. The survey covers a wide variety of topics, driven by our clients’ immediate research needs and by DDG’s internal focus.

The omnibus also collects a large battery of demographic information, and the response frequencies to our clients’ questions are cross-tabulated by up to 56 different demographic banner points.

Who are the survey respondents?

In reality, DDG runs two simultaneous omnibus surveys.

  • The lower deck is General Population, which collects data from a random sample of 1,000 adult consumers across the United States.
  • The upper deck is Seniors, focuses on a sample of 1,000 adults 64 and older.

In both cases, the survey sample is carefully stratified to be proportionally representative of the population in terms of income, gender, age, geography, and race/ethnicity. In addition to building an objective, realistic sample frame right up front, this stratification process eliminates the need for weighting the data on the back end.

Differences in survey results are reported using null hypothesis significance testing at the 0.95 confidence level.

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