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DDG uses a proprietary pinning process to identify each consumer as an individual, a household, and by address. The pinning can process direct mail data only, or it can link email address, mobile phone number plus digital transactions. Our process can facilitate the delivery of the “golden record.”


The most efficient delivery of look-a-like models and 360-degree audience profiles

  • Platformed in AWS/Snowflake
  • Proprietary machine learning engine of QES
  • On-demand model creation
  • DecisionPoints as 3rd party dataset


From EDA to nested modeling, this proprietary software produces custom models for any objective.


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Acquisition, cross sell, churn or reactivation modeling


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Univariate, Monte Carlo, Regression


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Custom dataset: your first party/third party choices

Business Intelligence—Tableau

  • Data visualization
  • Best practice reports
  • Seamless integration with lakehouse or CDP

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If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.

– Ronald Coase, Economist