Personal Opt-Out Request

Please submit your request via email or mail.

You should present enough information that we can identify your record in order to honor your request: First Name, Last Name, street address, city state and zip code plus your Date of birth would be a minimum to ensure we recognize you as opposed to someone else.

Email address:

Phone Number: 1-877-589-5249

Mail address:

datadecisions Group
Attn: Opt Out
123 West Franklin Street, Suite 520, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Please be aware:

  • By opting out of our marketing databases, you may stop receiving catalogs that you enjoy.
    Opting out of direct mail marketing from DDG will only stop mailings that originate with DDG. You may continue to receive direct mail, as companies often work with multiple companies like DDG. For privacy concerns, we don’t accept or process any third-party or service-provider requests for opt-outs.
  • If you move or change your name, you’ll need to opt out again with your new address or name.
  • By opting out with DDG, you’re opting out of DDG’s marketing databases only, not databases belonging to other companies. There are other companies similar to DDG that provide consumer information to marketers for marketing purposes, and you should also opt out with them if you don’t want your information shared for marketing purposes.
  • When you opt out with DDG, DDG doesn’t delete your information but will retain the information necessary to remember your opt-out choice. We mark it on our databases as “Do Not Share.” When you’re marked as “Do Not Share,” DDG knows that you don’t want your information shared in the event that your information is later resubmitted to us. If your information were completely deleted, we would have no way to know you requested that your information not be shared in the future.